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I know I haven’t been active recently but I’ve been super busy. This completely unrelated to any fandoms but there’s no where else I can post my rage about my high school than here. SO…here starts my rant.

I cheer at a high school in New Jersey. We’re a small school of about 800 kids total, and yet we still seem to excel in sports. Our football team were state champs this year. Our cross country team did really well this season but I am ignorant of details. Our boys basketball team made it to round 2 of playoffs and had a record of 28-1. The girls basketball team made it to playoffs as well. Crew had good seasons as well bringing medals back, and our tennis came in 3rd in the state. The point is, our sports programs do pretty well.

The athletic director at my school has told one of the tennis players that she would “Never be able to play college tennis”. At the matches that would qualify our school tennis to states, our athletic director was on his phone the whole time not even trying to look as if he cared about the sport or players. I have seen him at basketball games walk around and leave the gymnasium on his phone. Of course though, he is always attentive when there’s a football game. He had, until this year (I suspect my coach or someone complained) allowed fan bases from schools heckle the cheerleaders at basketball games. Managing the budget a sport gets is a part of an athletic directors job, and he allotted enough money for a new turf field for our football team. Yet, the cheerleaders are practicing in the band room on concrete floor with an inch of panel mat. 

Cheerleaders are usually thought to be the stereo typically popular girls. However, it costs money for proper practice and competitions, and therefore my cheer squad cannot compete. We don’t bring back trophies for our school and are not only not popular because of such, but we are very disrespected. Many girls and guys who may want to cheer will come to our school and be so shocked and scared of a blow to their social status that they will not cheer. One of the seniors this year confessed that after she moved to our school and joined cheer, she didn’t cheer the next season because she felt ashamed by the ridicule she would get from other students. She did join again after getting over what others thought of her.

Recently, I have researched about rec teams that I could join or the possibility of going to another local school and cheering for them. Right of the bat, the first 3 schools I searched for had massive squads that competed. I watched videos of their routines and that stunts and tricks they pulled were 450x more advanced than the ones at my school. Perhaps if we had a more serious and put-together, supported program, we could also be looking good and competing. 

I guess the point of this rant was to express how much I loathe the athletic director and the way sports are handled at my school. While I have issues with him because of the way he treats cheer, many of my friends hate him for the way he treats their sport as well. I want our cheer program to be stepped up and I want the money to do so. I want proper equipment and space. I want respect for my sport.

Dear LB,

Football is not the only important sport. Maybe if you got off your phone to actually pay attention to other matches, games, races, and performances, you’d see that. I deeply loathe you, as does 98.7% of the athletic faculty and players. Hope you have a nice life and are replaced by someone who can actually do their job fairly


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You know my methods, John. I am known to be indestructible.

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Emma Watson attending the 86th Annual Academy Awards.

Emma Watson attending the 86th Annual Academy Awards.

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The time Eleven lied because he wanted Amy to stay

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the real question is how did they not realize that she was Emma Watson

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Air Snape makes a sassy comeback

#Snape on a plane

now boarding flight 394

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Get to know me meme: [one/five] favorite actresses ■ Emma Thompson

I think I encountered the possibility earlier on, when all the Oscars whooha was happening, of living in another way, should we say. People would say “why don’t you come out to LA and have your own company ?”, things like that. And I thought “Then who would I know ? Where would all my friends be ?” I have this habit of continuity, I love continuity, the continuum of life, knowing people for a long long long time. And if you do that of course you haven’t got any chance of changing because they’d be the first ones to turn around and say to you “what do you think you’re doing ? You’re being an arse !”

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Emma Thompson→Stern Viva 2014

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how to have a great start to your day

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Have a really hot almost naked guy fall out of your bed? Sounds about right.

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